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Kiel Week Welcomes X-15 Wingfoil Class to U19 Demo/Coaching Event

X-15 Class development and management Team meets the Kiel Week Team at boot Düsseldorf. Photo:Christian Beeck

Kiel Week, is proud to announce the inclusion of the X-15 wingfoil class in its U19 demo/coaching event during the final four days of Kiel Week 2024. This groundbreaking move signals a new era for foiling at this prestigious event, showcasing the X-15 class and its commitment to fostering youth participation in wingfoil racing.

What It Means To Include X-15 At Kiel Week: A Revolutionary Step In Foiling

The introduction of the X-15 wingfoil class at Kiel Week signifies a bold step forward in promoting one-design wingfoil racing. By featuring this cutting-edge class, Kiel Week aims to provide young sailors with an opportunity to experience the thrill of foiling, contributing to the evolution of sailing events and embracing the foiling revolution.

How It Works: X-15 Class Provides Equipment And Coaching For U19 Sailors

The X-15 class invites U19 sailors to explore the world of wingfoil racing by providing both equipment and expert coaching. This unique opportunity is open to participants of all experience levels, welcoming those eager to try foiling for the first time. Over the course of three days, participants will receive dedicated coaching, refining their skills and building confidence. On the final day, sailors will have the chance to showcase their progress as coaches select participants for a finals day race — an exciting culmination of the U19 demo/coaching event.

Lena Erdil, Kiel Week Team, Shares:

"We are thrilled to offer young sailors the opportunity to dive into the exhilarating world of foil racing. The X-15 class provides equipment and coaching for those who want to give it a try. Regardless of experience, all levels are welcome. ’Zero to hero’ in the X-15 class will be a spectacle and hopefully a lot of fun. As Kiel Week, rooted in the tradition of boat sailing, we are excited to welcome this young foil class and be part of the foiling revolution."

Fiona Wylde, Class Manager, Adds:

"We are very excited to see the inclusion of the one-design wingfoil racing X-15 at the legendary Kiel Week 2024. Together with the Kiel Week team, we aim to highlight the youth X-15 classes during an educational and enjoyable test event."


Are you a U19 sailor and would love to take part in X-15 coaching during Kiel Week? Send us an email to regatta@kyc.de, expressing your interest. Further details will be provided via email upon inquiry. Limited slots are available, so places will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis.

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